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Consider these 5 Essential Aspects Before On-Boarding Any PR agency Partner


You might be planning for a brand launch in Delhi or any part of the world, introduce a product line or perhaps looking to create a brand image in the minds of the common masses to hit the accelerator. For any such thing to be publically announced you need to hire a PR agency in Delhi because they are the one that can work towards meeting your goal and fulfil your on-going needs. Though hiring a new PR agency is an exciting task, it is daunting as well as you need to do your homework and even take note of a lot of things before hiring. Read to know the five essential aspects that you should take note of before onboarding any PR agency.

Do not go by the Size of the Agency

Many-a-times people go for those agencies where the size of the workforce is high, which is not a good practice. The reason is sometimes the big agencies bait and switches whiles the pitching process. At the time of the pitch it is the senior who crack the deals but the juniors are left to implement, which sometimes works either way. On the contrary, you can also work with small PR agencies where the seniors can directly be involved with you and respond accordingly to your project.

Check for the Scope of Capabilities

Hiring PR agency in Delhi means you need 360-degree scope of work like content, social media marketing, digital marketing and not just the PR work. Therefore, whenever you look for the PR agency, it is important that you check the team qualification and the skillset of the team, which will help you, understand the capability of their work.

Both Traditional and Digital Capabilities

Most PR agencies that are in this business are capable of working at par with traditional PR but the age is moving towards digital. So, a true PR agency will not only have the skill of traditional PR skill but will also know the technologies and techniques of digital aspects to accelerate our motive. However, many agencies pretend to have the knowledge of digital stuff but you need to sure before hiring them.

How will The PR Agency Measure Success?

Another thing that you should check before hiring a PR agency is to know how the PR agency will measure success. While having the conversation with the PR agency, you should know how they would provide you with the measuring success. The PR agency should provide the daily, weekly, and monthly reports that should include a comprehensive overview of how the campaign is running and other aspects are working with respect to your brand and your industry.

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