Event Management

Join us and we will give you best corporate event management

Event management is the another form of project management to the development and creation of large events like corporate events management, ceremonies, formal parties etc. event managers are required almost in every field-entertainment, finance, government, fashion and so on. Our company’s event management organization has different challenges and tasks according to client requirement and demand. Go through our company make you big to explore your required event type.

We provide event management services to many corporate offices in Delhi, Gurgaon etc.

Our most of events include:

  • Client meeting dinner
  • Award ceremonies
  • Big companies product launch
  • High-level management meeting
  • Conference
  • Seminars
  • Trade show
  • Business Dinners
  • Golf event
  • Opening ceremonies
  • Networking events
  • Trade fairs

Planning of Corporate events:

We plan an event by gathering information from our guests so that we can give our best service, space, food and little inspirational touch to makes an event special. Our company Make You Big takes necessary steps required for planning are as follows:

  • Selection of the theme
  • Setting a primary budget
  • Location selection
  • Menu selection with the caterer and determining service manner.
  • Purchase of decoration items
  • Create invitation and send invitation
  • Check and double check your list the week before.