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Ashish Gupta

Winning election is no more a guessing game in current scenario.

The whole process of conducting elections successfully is nestled in the pragmatic approach. No leader, how seasoned or tall he maybe, can guarantee their victory. This is especially because of the  political awareness among general voters in today’s time  has undergone  a sea change as a result of  the fast changing times.

Great campaigns must always be built on a solid knowledge of the conditions in a candidate’s nation or district. Attempting to marshal a complex campaign without a deep understanding of the prevailing social, economic and political dynamics of a region is for many candidates a recipe for failure.

Considering the caste-class-region-religion centric complex sociopolitical fabric of India, Election Management has to be much grounded and customized than the Psychological Theories.

Keeping the aforementioned scenario in mind Make You Big, believes that the predictive power of data is best uncovered in an organic, holistic person-rooted procedure. It provides a scientific platform to create strategies to tackle elections in the best possible ways.


  • Election Campaign
  • Constituency Development
  • Political Perception Marketing & Branding
  • Public & Government Relations, Public Affairs, CSR
  • Communication, Intelligence, Security Technology


Considering the volatile and complex nature of today’s society, no predefined approach can lead to successful outcomes and solutions. We at Make You Big create different sets of approaches, based on thorough mapping and scientific analysis of the situation and the sudden changes there in.

Here we are just presenting a broad view of parameters which will be addressed for our clients while creating a set of approaches.

  • Behavioural Micro-Targeting
  • Tracking Polls
  • Electoral assistance – conflict prevention – diplomacy
  • Mobilization
  • Data Management- Voter Id and Database…
  • Community structure Research
  • Household Canvassing
  • Media Monitoring
  • Party Audit
  • Swing Voter Targeting

Make You Big’s team helps in advising and assisting political campaigns. We cover a wider gambit of activities that include message building, advertising, opinion polling, voter and opposition research, ground campaigns, branding, perception, constituency development, office management, events and numerous other activities that present the campaign in an effective manner. Under mentioned are the few broad parameters which will be focused upon

  1. Election Campaign Management – with a suite of Election Campaign Management products and services, Make You Big ECM combines data-driven micro targeting based messaging and years of elections experience to give your campaign the winning edge. Make You Big ECM is the best match for your election needs.
  2. Perception Branding – political brand is intangible and psychological so it helps to change or maintain reputation and support. We through Perception Branding, displacement and political cue approach, enhance the reputation index and perception quotient through Grey Shadows Perception management framework.
  3. Opposition Research – we have a teams of researchers dedicated to understanding opposition campaigns. Research includes perception, strategy, potential campaign and candidate weaknesses.
  4. Behavioural Polling – it is used across whole populations to establish context and base level personality traits and issue profiles in order to accurately locate and segment large groups of people.
  5. Opinion Polling – research based on standard electoral polling and population engagement services, including focus group discussions, direct interviews, closed questionnaires, and online research.
  6. Community structure Research – for markets where community structure is a critical factor in influencing the direction of political affiliation, we undertake a targeted form of voter segmentation based on indigenous culture.
  7. Media Monitoring – media monitoring allows campaign teams to harness real-time streams of information across print, digital and broadcast media platforms both in-country and on an international scale.
  8. Policy & Manifesto Guidance – political analysts can guide policy formulation and manifesto development, using the results of our research to create documents and platforms that appeal to key voter groups.


You don’t just need a great product, precise marketing, or a well-targeted digital campaign. You need them all—along with a roadmap to get you where you want to go. We’ll partner with you to identify your strengths and weaknesses, assess the competitive landscape, and develop a comprehensive plan—from strategy and structure to tactics and targeting—to succeed.

  • Strategic planning
  • Branding & positioning
  • Strategic assessments
  • Organizational audits


Whether you’re a non-profit trying to raise awareness for a cause, a political organization looking for a path to victory, or a company looking to reach a target demographic, we will partner with you to create a strategic road map for success. We’ll help you identify your goals, understand the playing field, evaluate your assets, and pinpoint key validators within your community. Whether you’re looking to build a sustained movement or influence a short-term outcome, we’ll use campaign-style tactics to mobilize your assets and get results.

  • Strategic assessments
  • Organization building
  • Strategic planning & oversight Coalition support
  • Coalition building Grassroots strategy

Campaign Management

  • Coalition Building
  • Grassroots Organizing
  • Corporate/Organizational Outreach
  • Online Engagement

Election Campaign Management

  • Election Campaign Management
  • Political Environment Mapping
  • Campaign Strategy, Profiling
  • Voter Relationship Management
  • Campaign Assessment
  • Polling Day Management.

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