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Our decades of experience has taught us that in the run up to a successful election you must have a clear robust strategy that engages your audience in the right place and in the right way.

As the world leader in Target Audience Analysis, we offer our clients unique insight into the public’s perception of a given political party or candidate, as well as the primary behavioral triggers that form the basis for voter decision-making. Target Audience Analysis enables us to correctly identify and then target key audience groups with the right messages, delivered via the right source, using the right channel. It is this that makes Target Audience Analysis the most powerful electoral effects-based tool available. Drawing on understanding obtained from academia and the practical execution of electoral campaigns, MAKE YOU BIG is perhaps the only organization that applies a true scientific methodology to the sometimes esoteric sphere of voting. Combining all the research and analysis into a strategy which guides resource deployment and message development is a process MAKE YOU BIG have demonstrated to be world leaders in.

  1. Voter Dynamics – In order to influence a group of people it’s important to understand the dynamics that control their interactions with each other and identify key thought leaders and behavior influencers.
  2. Voter Motivation – At MAKE YOU BIG we understand how powerful motivation can be. Whether it is concerned with uniting common enemies or establishing reward structures, we can help you move people to action.
  3. Voter Messaging – The most effective messaging puts the audience’s needs first. We can help you create engagement campaigns that align your platform with the interests and concerns of voters.
  4. Timeline Creation -We have extensive experience of developing delivery timelines for central and supporting messaging strategies. We know when to put the right message in front of the right person.

Policy & Manifesto Guidance

MAKE YOU BIG’s political analysts can guide policy formulation and manifesto development, using the results of our research to create documents and platforms that appeal to key voter groups.

Make You Big-Infrastructure

MAKE YOU BIG can help you develop the flexibility and dynamism to win.

The gathering of resources and their subsequent allocation must be planned in such a way as to maximise their effectiveness. Careful preparation ensures that time and money are not wasted and that limited reserves are wisely exploited. MAKE YOU BIG is adept at helping candidates to organize their campaigns and orientating them to meet the electoral challenges of their constituency. Our staff have worked at all levels of the campaign hierarchy and provided actionable solutions and bespoke advice across multiple elections. MAKE YOU BIG is fully equipped to offer advice from the earliest stages of campaign inception, through planning and into the execution of the final voting phase. From party membership cards and the database behind them to roadshows and all the operations to enable them, MAKE YOU BIG have the skills and expertise to develop the products and events to engage your supporters and wow the electorate.

  1. Capacity Building – We can help clients develop and source the skills and capabilities required to effectively implement the strategies and recommendations produced by our research and analysis.
  2. Party Organization – A modern party needs to be flexible and dynamic to win competitive elections. Our campaign specialists can isolate structural improvements and strategies to assist party growth at all levels.
  3. Voter Id and Database – Gathering information about your supporters is the first step in harnessing their commitment to volunteer, donate and vote for you. Our enhanced databases can store all the data you need.
  4. Data Management -MAKE YOU BIG Elections can help you organise the data you already hold, gather the data you need and use all of it strategically to help your teams, whether they’re in campaign HQ or working on the ground.
  5. Operational Centres – Having all campaign operations, data analysis and media monitoring in a single location can greatly improve campaign efficiency. We can help build op centres that suit individual campaign needs.
  6. Security – The security of staff, premises, and data is paramount during a campaign. MAKE YOU BIG Elections work with security providers to ensure that all campaign assets are suitably protected from potential attack.
  7. Roadshow Vehicle – Roadshows are a major asset when engaging widespread communities. We can provide vehicles ranging from small speaking platforms to full-scale convoys of tour buses and show vehicles.
  8. MAKE YOU BIG Connect (Integrated Campaign Management Software) – MAKE YOU BIG Elections’ integrated campaign management tool, MAKE YOU BIG Connect, gives you the power to explore datasets and oversee your whole campaign, from managing staff to engaging with voters, in real time.

Make You Big-Management

Our experienced elections management team know the pressures of a campaign and have the resolve to get winning results. We can ensure the smooth running of campaigns by anticipating problems and preparing solutions on the path to the voting booth.

In time critical scenarios MAKE YOU BIG can deploy a field team to mentor and guide key party staff in the implementation of core campaign activities. Our experience of advising candidates throughout the life of their campaigning effort has instilled within MAKE YOU BIG the ability to quickly adapt to the needs of our clients. We can provide an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of a particular client’s organization and equip them with a bespoke plan to accentuate their advantages and mitigate identified problems. As a company with decades of experience in the electoral management arena, we understand that the needs and abilities of each client are unique and tailor our capacity building efforts to the pre-existing conditions of each campaign. We understand a crucial part of any election fight is day-to-day organizational management during the white hot heat of a campaign. Our advisors can help support your existing organization to give your campaign a massive strategic advantage. Budgeting & Fundraising – MAKE YOU BIG Elections can help you raise vital campaign funds and significantly enhance the strategic allocation of funding, maximizing the effectiveness of a campaign while reducing unnecessary expenditure.

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