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Corporate Communications –

Make You Big PR Agency has expertise in delivering tangible results for clients through an effective corporate communication campaign. In today’s world, “Perceptions are the Reality” and it is as important to be “seen” as doing well, as it is to be doing well.

The whole gamut of corporate communications activities including Media Relations, Promotional Campaigns and PR events, Key Personnel Profiling, and the like are undertaken for clients by Make You Big PR. An essential part of the Corporate Communication is how your immediate community, your peer group, your partners, etc look at you. Make You Big PR believes that effective use of Image and Reputation Management can not just enhance a corporate profile but also make it more relevant in the business.

Internal communication is another essential part of the corporate brand building and Make You Big PR has expertise in creating strategies that help in keeping the channels of communication open. We help in creating effective Outreach Strategies as well as internal newsletters so that the flow of communication continues.

Marketing Communications

Make You Big PR Agency has created effective and highly successful Brand management and Sales Promotional campaigns, which are purely PR driven even in categories which are advertising intensive. Make You Big PR specialises in focusing on the USP’s of the products / services / campaigns and going all out, both online and offline, to create a distinctive image in the minds of the target group.

In addition to the above the line activities, Make You Big PR has conceptualised and implemented a large number of below the line activities for its clients. So whether it is an event targeted at sales and distribution networks, business associates or general public, Make You Big PR can help you successfully reach out to the relevant target audience and effectively stand out in a crowd! In addition, Make You Big PR can undertake focussed media perception studies on brands and campaigns to check and the re-align the efficacy of the campaign.

Financial PR

For any organisation, there comes a time when showcasing the financial well-being becomes important. This is true of even privately held companies. Make You Big PR Agency, with its financial specialists, helps the organisations in their financial out-reach programme.

For listed entities, it is mandatory to share their quarterly and yearly results. Make You Big PR works with listed entities to create a buzz around the entities and helping the relevant target audience view the results in the right perspective.

For listed companies, Make You Big PR offers a complete bouquet of services starting from Public Relations activities to Investor Relations. We work closely with our clients and advise them on various issues ranging from positioning, fund raising, market capitalization enhancement to helping them reach from Stage ‘A’ to Stage ‘Z’. We share excellent relationships with top research houses, intermediaries as well as leading players in the investor relations space.

Make You Big PR Agency has witnessed exceptional results for its clients when it comes to creating specialised campaigns for takeovers, share floatation and IPOs.

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