How public relations impacts company reputation, revenue, and recruiting

Public relations campaigns work to impact your organization’s reputation, revenue, and recruiting. At Make You Big, all our efforts drive one or more of these important factors. We start by tying our communication metrics to your company’s financials and key metrics. We’re able to articulate the value of PR in terms that your company leaders care about, such as their ROI.

We identify and align our success metrics with the same metrics your company regularly measures. We link our work directly to your company’s performance. We focus our reports on metrics that drive your business outcomes.

To measure reputation, we use qualitative research, like focus groups and surveys. At the beginning of a PR campaign, we establish a baseline by looking at social media mentions, news article tone, and online reviews to understand a brand’s reputation. We measure the industry’s reputation, then measure your company’s reputation and compare it to top competitors. These are the factors that measure reputation.

To measure revenue, we’re able to determine web traffic, visitors, and direct link clicks with Google Analytics. If a reporter includes a direct link in his or her online article, we’re able to measure how many people potentially read it and how many people traveled to your company’s website.

To measure recruiting and employee retention, we partner with your HR department to research the employee behavior and recruiting factors at your company. We help improve how potential employees perceive your brand and work to attract new employees.

How does social media engagement actually drive business results? We’ll report the number of shares or impressions and link that to a business outcome. When the content is for a specific product, we’re able to tell the story of how the audience engages with that product. Social media comments provide insight to your company’s reputation and the public’s trust of specific products or topics.

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