What is the difference between PR Agency and PR consultant are both of them different?

Many companies do not realise the value of Public Relations. What they fail to understand is that if you do not invest enough time and money in PR, your business cannot stand out amongst the competition.

A PR Agency is an agency you hire to manage the public relations of your company, which implies that they are responsible for creating and maintaining the image of your business in the minds of your target group. They manage the communication from your company to your customers.

Some advantages of hiring a PR agency are:

  • Media Connections: A good PR agency will have the right connections in the industry. They can use those links to portray your business in the right light to your target audience. A PR agency which has excelled in promoting the business of their clients in the past can help you leverage that experience to your gain.
  • Objective View: Being a part of your business, you tend to have a biased opinion about your product and cannot look at public relations objectively. A PR agency  can help you tone down your enthusiasm and give you a reality check. They will give an objective view of your company’s worth and help you understand how you can build up your image in the market.
  • PR is a core activity: PR is considered as one of the core business activities a company needs to do. Just like any other primary function, PR requires careful planning and execution done over an extended period. Do not construe that this is a bad thing; it is something that will form your base from the very beginning and help you gain a good image in the market. A PR Agency can assist you with this complex but essential part of your business.
  • A PR Consultant, just like an agency works as a medium of communication between your company and the public. A company can use them to convey information about their product to their target audience, as well as they can help the business understand the grievances of customers and provide feedback on their products. Overall, a PR Consultant can be used to maintain a positive image in the minds of the customers.

There are two types of PR Consultants:

  1. Full-Time employees or In-house employees are the PR professionals currently working in the company. They help to convey information from the company to the customers and help mould the image of the company on a daily basis. Full-Time employees can, however, be biased as they are working in the business.

Consultants hired on a Contract Basis are the ones who are hired for a particular period. They can be hired for a particular project or event and are entirely responsible for leveraging the event to create a positive brand image. They can help the company gain an objective view and understand the actual image of the company.

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