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Since its formation is in 2014, MAKE YOU BIG a leading public relations and business Advocacy Company, achieved several landmarks in the sector with its committed, experienced and professional team. The agency aspires to expand its communications expertise in both global as well as domestic spheres. MAKE YOU BIG focuses on building relationships with businesses for whom, PR is an essential component for their marketing mix. It has helped more than 100 brands from across the country to realize their corporate communication requirements. Headquartered in Noida, the agency joins the leading PR fraternity to widen its all India networks.

MAKE YOU BIG has been working with several upcoming and established brands, which also have global brand building ambitions. Today MAKE YOU BIG is renowned PR Company in India with principal offices in Noida Delhi NCR Haryana. Other branches in big cities like Gurgaon,Bengaluru, Kolkatta, Chennai and Hyderabad would come up very soon.

It caters the requirements of the clients at states’ capital through its permanent associates. Representing the entire PR ecosystem in India, PRCAI is dedicated to expanding its members’ professional network and industry insight. High growth Indian market is certainly open for rapid development of the Public Relations sector and Make You Big aspires to fuel the growth of the sector by expanding its footprint in the country and globally. The sector’s growth would largely be dependent on the Indian PR company’s ability to leverage their proven communications expertise in the domestic and international sphere.

On becoming the member of PRCAI, Mr. Ashish Gupta, Founder and Managing Director, MAKE YOU BIG says, “It’saprivilege to be a part of PR Agency, we are looking forward to build a concrete position for MAKE YOU BIG in the world of public relations. We would grow and establish a place in the market where we can satisfy and serve our clients and can build media friends through collaborative approach.” “We aim to be the industry leader to create integrated world class system, fostering, protecting, sustaining and restoring services. Our aim is to offer customized marketing and public communication consultancy and services,” he added.

Make You Big would soon announce its new global strategic partnerships. “To increase our global footprint, we are planning strategic partnerships with reputed international communications companies. Talks are at very advance stage, collaborations/tie ups expected to be finalized soon.” the Managing Director revealed. Ashish Gupta emphasized that the agency aspires to magnetize and retain exceptionally talented individuals who work together perfecting the art of branding, marketing and public communication.

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