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Make You Big is India’s first Political Public Relations Agency especially brought to existence to provide Professional Assistance to Political Aspirants, Political Candidates, Political Stalwarts, Political Parties in India.

Make You Big offers scientific and methodical strategies  by which a Political Party(s) or an individual(s) can achieve their Political ambitions, influences the mindsets, and maintain beneficial relationships and reputations with its key publics.

Make You Big earnestly endeavors to function as a resource center to anyone and everyone – closely or remotely, associated / interested in / Linked with Politics.

Ashish Gupta, The Founder of Make You Big is India’s best Communications & Political Strategist.


Political Aspirants     –  Gain Strong Foothold in the Political arena

Political Leaders       –   Further Strengthen their overall image

Political Parties         –   To emerge as victors

–   To retain their strong hold position and

–   To prevent and protect their image before and after the elections.

Make You Big combines the strengths of Political Strategists, Political Analysts  and Political Journo / EditorsMake You Big professionals and Publicists who together are more equipped to customize, conceptualize and execute a meticulously planned, highly precisioned Election Campaign Strategy.



Before any Elections, it is necessary for the political parties to carefully analyze the factors that have led to the party’s / individuals  performance in the last Elections & their prospects in the forthcoming Assembly Elections in the state.

Such an exercise will help an individual / the party to identify the areas which require urgent attention.  It is also important to ascertain the expectations of different sections of the electorate so that an implementation plan can be drawn up.

Political PR, Political Campaigning, Political Research, Political Marketing, Political Management, Environment Mapping etc..related to political contexts and processes.


Print Media Management Public Opinion Poll
Electronic Media Management Socio-economic and political profile compilation
Social Media Management-Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube Pre poll and post poll scenario by a reputed think

tank followed with media visibility

Media Support to the visit of Senior Leaders/Star Campaigners. Constituency media management
Press Releases Perception mapping
Press Conference Study on party achievements
Speech Writing Candidate profiling
Slogan Development Sample survey (internal / external use)
Content Development Media management
Campaign Material Design Campaigning – road shows, padyatras, rallies,events etc
Development and Printing Strategic inputs
Videos Production Competition Mapping
On-the-ground Surveys

The above deliverables, though necessary for the best interests of the party, involves in-depth research to achieve credible results. The first thing the party has to do is to analyse the current political environment in the state and assess its own position vis-à-vis the position of the competing political parties.

It is a universally acknowledged fact that Spin Doctorism / a well defined Public Relations strategy has become a mandate not only to contest but also to win elections.

Success in elections depends largely on how and to what extent you are able to highlight your’s / your party’s contributions, strengths and achievements, but on how you are perceived by the target publics.

This is where Make You Big can be of great assistance to you / phenomenally helpful to you / your party in devising and implementing a meticulously planned, highly precisioned, winnable communication strategy.

Make You Big, one of the very few and premier Political Public Relations Consultancy, has been into the business of conducting PR campaigns since the turn of the millennium. Make You Big is well versed with all the intricacies involved in handling Poll Campaigns.

Make You Big has to its credit successfully handling Pre-Election, Election and Post-Election campaigns of political heavy weights and political parties both at national as well as regional level.

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