Political Public Relation Company & Consultancy

We are Make You Big a political public relation company & consultancy agency. Our clients belong to social, political, corporate domains. We offer multiple diverse consultation services and a wide range of resolution for political concerns. In regards to brand, political campaigns and corporate promotions we manage vast political prospects. We have worked with political seat holders of regions like Delhi,Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan. Through our long years of experience in political campaigns our company understands your needs about how, when and where election campaign should be perceived and managed. Our clientele is nationwide; we work with Members of assembly and members of parliament and now working for lok sabha elections 2019. Our organization provides both pre and post election services. Our political and social network is nation-wide and is in constantly in touch about all social and political activities. We aid our client in achieving positive connection with media and potential voters and provide assistance in achieving clients’ minor and major goals as per client’s political career. The strategies offered by our consultation firm are much more suited to our client’s requirement for promotional campaign. Our campaign strategies will assure a comfortable standing in the media in regards to popularity and definite win in election with public opinion intact. Our organization works on close proximity of our client and we provide professional and expert aid for performing their job on every level they require. Our company keeps a constant involvement with clients during and post election campaign and provides assistance and consultation on dispute, legal and financial affairs if needed.

Services Offered by Make You Big:

  • Research and development (statistical surveys and smart data research based upon highly intellectual context)
  • Political strategy management
  • Media monitoring & Marketing
  • Political Marketing & door to door campaign
  • Core team co-ordination management
  • Information channel monitoring & management
  • Political Event management
  • Political Brand building
  • Public relations/ Voter relations
  • Schedule & Time management
  • Political personality development
  • Content writing
  • Conflict management
  • Donation & fund management
  • Volunteer making
  • Voting day plan management
  • Voting Booths management
  • Crowd sourcing ( social media Campaigning and constant content flow)
  • Out sourcing facilities
  • Legal Affairs consultation
  • War Room
  • Post election services (consultation regarding political, financial and corporate affairs)

These are the services provided by our Organization; we look forward to your patronage.

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